Lost Wax Casting

Wax width and ring size are both set before forming the desired shape . I was taught to always work from the inside out. A couple of hours later and the wax is shaped to final form and the sprew is set up. Not making a wax injection mold because I’m setting a free form …

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Aqua Cushion

Every stone that I cut has a history: where I found it, who I got it from, where they got it, what it looked like before cutting and after, etc. found some very reasonably priced aquamarine from a man in Tucson. Had to pick through several kilos with a loop and a pen light to …

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Makin something outta nothin like MacGyver

Every one of my pieces starts with a stone. The metal and style for a non-commissioned piece serves only to protect and compliment the heart and soul of the piece – the stone.  These little Lightning Ridge black opals want to be bezel set. Pure silver plus alloy equals .925 sterling sliver. Time to do …

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Delacroix Jewels


Inspired by what you see? Have an idea for a custom piece? Need someone to listen and interperate your vision? We are happy to help with your custom design!