A Hidden Gem

Five feet of new snow in 7 days at Wolf Creek and blue skies you say? Let’s get it on. Almost nothing gets me giddy except fresh cold smoke pow on a blue bird day.

It’s deep too:

This was one of those all time days on the mountain.

And, to cap off the day – a little hike to poach a fresh steep line.

I love this thing I do in the snow. There is no feeling like planing on deep, freshly fallen snow. I love looking back up the slope and seeing my line after a descent. It’s an artistic expression of my choices in the moment – go left or right; go between this or that set of trees, point it straight, drop off that cliff, lift off at that spot in the rollover. It will be gone in no time, but while it remains, I get to relive a joyful moment.

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